[pain]Byte is a datadrivendance classical ballet performance and VR (virtual reality) experience examining ballet, biomedical engineering, chronic Pain (Spinal) and networks using biometric data and an accompanying VR experience. It links computing with medical and how data is transmitted across networks to how pain signals are transmitted through the pain pathway within the body. It looks at what it means to be in pain through dance and imagery using technology such as: data visualisations, biometric data, wearables and animations.

What does it mean to have chronic pain, how does it feel? The choreographer and producer both suffer from chronic pain and have different spinal implants. Using their data and experience we want the audience to connect emotionally with the idea of living with pain without them, the audience, experiencing any pain.How sufferers hide their pain and the benefits of technology specifically biomedical implants such has high frequency spinal cord stimulators and their positive impact of the sufferer. The debut live performance consisted of a talk by an exploratory Scientist, Dr Rabia T Khan and she linked her work in AI drug discovery to the ballet performance and VR experience.