[Arra]stre is an open-source project, and makes use of other open-source projects. You can fork our code!

Capturing movement

We use Kinect to capture data and store it as JSON.

The Art of Computer Science GitHub account

KinectServer, our C# JSON service that creates easy-to-use data streams from a Microsoft Kinect.

Official Microsoft Kinect developer resources.

Visualising movement data

We use HTML 5 and D3 to visualise data.

Our visualisations, as a set of webpages and Javascript libraries.

D3 Homepage

Dazzling style

Our dancers are illuminated with intelligent, sensor-equipped headdresses, dresses, and pointe shoes.

The source for our wearables

Adafruit Gemma, as used in our headdresses and skirts

Adafruit Flora, as used in our skirts and pointe shoes

Adafruit Sparkle Skirt, the starting point for our smart dress design